Writings by Annea Lockwood

"Malaman," sound poem, performed by Annea Lockwood, Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 40: Interlocutor, October 2012

"Der Fluss komponiert sich selbst. Eine Klangkarte der Donau", MusikTexte Issue 126, August 2010

"Sound Mapping the Danube River from the Black Forest to the Black Sea: Progress Report, 2001-03"
Soundscape: Journal of Acoustic Ecology, Vol.5 No.1 2004

"What is a River?", Soundscape: Journal of Acoustic Ecology Vol.7 No.1 2007


Annea Lockwood's spontaneous world of natural sound, Soundproof June 19, 2015
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Interview with Annea Lockwood, Affective Sound Maps, Landscape Stories LS. 13
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Interview with Annea Lockwood, Tobias Fischer, Tokafi
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Five Questions to Annea Lockwood, Xenia Pestova, i care if you listen
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In the Field, ed. Cathy Lane (Uniform Books, 2013)

"Annea Lockwood Beside the Hudson River", Frank Oteri, NewMusicBox, January 2004
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Interview in The Oral History of American Music, ed. Vivian Perlis (Yale University, 1997)

Writings about Annea Lockwood

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